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Nordica, Christy Sports, SOS Outreach Aim to Raise $50,000 With 50 Pairs of Skis

SOS outreach collaborated with Nordica and Christy Sports on a super-limited edition Unleashed Outreach ski that will raise $50,000 to break down social barriers of entry.

SOS Outreach collaborates with Nordica and Christy Sports (Photo/SOS Outreach)
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Social, societal, and economic barriers often prevent underrepresented kids from getting to participate in the outdoors. There’s a lot of expensive gear involved, knowledge that people need, and often, accessing the wilderness itself can be a challenge.

SOS Outreach is breaking those barriers down. The non-profit organization empowers kids to explore their potential — through the outdoors, on the slopes, and on the trails. It’s made an impact on tens of thousands of lives in the two and half decades it’s been in operation.

This year, SOS outreach partnered with Nordica and Christy Sports. The brands collaborated with the non-profit on a super-limited edition Unleashed Outreach ski that will raise $50,000 to further SOS’ Outreach’s efforts. Nordica is only making 50 of these skis. They will be available through the Christy sports website for $1,000 a pop.

And this isn’t just any custom-designed, limited-edition Nordica ski. SOS Outreach alumnae Heidy Hernández and Veronica Saint Jane, as well as current program participants Frida Quintero and Delaney Muro, designed this ski themselves.

The collaboration began in 2022 to give the four women the opportunity to contribute to and also learn about the end-to-end process of creating a commercial product and bringing it to market.

“The SOS alumnae came together as a team to design this one-of-a-kind ski that represents their relationship with the mountains,” Seth Ehrlich, SOS Outreach Executive Director, said. “All proceeds from the sales will directly benefit 3,200 kids this year alone across SOS Outreach programs.”

Designing the Unleashed Outreach Ski

SOS Outreach collaborates with Nordica and Christy Sports; (photo/SOS Outreach)
(Photo/SOS Outreach)

Hernandez, Saint Jane, Quintero, and Muro all worked closely with the Nordica design team to create this ski. They chose Nordica’s Unleashed model. It’s an all-mountain ski that features a wood core, ABS sidewalls, and a shovel/tail rocker for a snappy, playful performance.

The four women then helped conceptualize the top sheet graphics and colors. The ski shows a topographic map of Silverton, Colorado (where the ski was first unveiled), and includes a compass rose with all four of their names.

And, of course, they couldn’t leave out an SOS Outreach logo.

“Adding the SOS logo to the ski was important,” Delaney Muro said. “I hope folks who purchase this ski walk away with a deeper connection to SOS. This was something that was designed with intention and so much love and passion. We really want people to know about all the good this program does.”

All the Good SOS Outreach Does

SOS Outreach has been helping kids access the outdoors for 25 years. Promoting courage, discipline, integrity, humility, wisdom, and compassion, they’ve touched over 60,000 lives, according to their website . The program has 15 locations and operates at over 20 ski mountains and resorts. More than 13,000 people volunteer with SOS Outreach, many of whom serve as positive adult mentors for participants.

It’s a force for good. And it’s one of the most well-known names in outdoor inclusion organizations. This latest effort to raise $50,000 by selling skis designed by their own program participants is just another example of the impact this organization has on underrepresented communities.

“We are honored to collaborate with Nordica and Christy Sports on this amazing opportunity for these four young women,” Ehrlich said. “We will continue to provide life-changing opportunities for youth.”

The Unleased Outreach ski will be available only through the Christy Sports website . But if you want a pair, you should act fast. With just 50 in the limited edition run, they aren’t going to be available for long.

Find out more about SOS Outreach and how to get involved as a volunteer or mentor on its website .

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