Bishop Bhai Birthday

From the Generalate of Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambéry
Via Calandrelli,
7 00153 Rome
18 November 2004

Dear Bishop Bhai,

I cannot allow this forthcoming event of your anniversary to pass without stepping in and re-connecting with you via e-mail. And so it is my pleasure to send good wishes your way as you celebrate the gift of life and love on your 75th anniversary.

I praise and thank God for all the wonders God has wrought in and through you on all of us and very especially on our Sisters in India. May God continue to hold you in love, goodness, peace, joy as you continue to touch lives wherever you are and wherever you go.

I express a deep sense of gratitude to God and to you for all you have accomplished in the church and in society. I want to record here how thankful I am to you especially for your timely intervention when the Province of Nagpur was setting up a Novitiate. It was you Bishop Bhai who encouraged me and my council (I was the newly elected provincial at that time - 1997) to go ahead with confidence and convert the residence at 49, Mall Road, Kamptee into a novitiate. We did. Today, the results are visible.

Once again.many happy returns of your big day! May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob journey with you into the future and may you experience God's merciful love and tenderness each day in the years to come. Auguri !!!

Ad Multos annos!

Sister Lorraine Marie Delaney
Superior General

Editor's note: This message came in such a lovely format that I turned it into an image for others to share.

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