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Aventon Aventure.2 Review: Rugged, Fat-Tire E-Bike Gets Improved Assist, Double the Range

E-bikes are having a bit of a moment. Tons of people found bicycles over the past few years and love them for exercise, daily transportation, or everyday fun.

Aventon Aventure.2 fat-tire e-bike
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However, there are plenty of riders out there who don’t generally see the bright side of difficult terrain or lengthy commutes that leave them sweaty for the whole day.

E-bikes make rides easier and more accessible for those types while also offering a refreshing change of pace to folks who spend most of their time pedaling under their own power or have traditionally relied on cars or ride shares to get around. It’s no wonder that bike manufacturers around the world are hustling to get their products out to those people, including Aventon.

Aventon Aventure 2 e-bike on a gravel path.
The Aventon Aventure.2 is a fat-tire e-bike with a 60-mile range and a top speed of 28 mph; (Photo/Mark Wilson)

Aventon boasts a wide spectrum of e-bikes ranging from single-speed rigs ideal for carving up city centers to folding fat bikes that are easy to carry and store.

Most of the brand’s bikes come in either step-through or step-over options, which adds versatility to reach more riders.

Moreover, Aventon’s latest generation of bikes come with sleek designs that feature integrated batteries and lights, all of which come in at a price under $2,000.

Aventon’s newest bike, the Aventure.2 , is no exception. The Aventure.2 is a front-suspension electric fat bike that has just come off a new workup that has increased its range by 20 miles compared to its predecessor. Aventon also added an integrated torque sensor that completely changes the feel of the ride. At just under the $2,000 mark, it’s one of the brand’s more expensive products but also one of the most interesting.

In short : The $1,900 Aventon Aventure.2 is a versatile and reliable companion for commuting and exploring that will keep riders comfortable on or off-road at an extremely attractive price point.

The Aventure.2 is a fat-tire e-bike that features a front suspension and comes out of the box equipped with a rear cargo rack, fenders, and integrated head and tail lights. On paper, it’s a wildly versatile machine that can handle anything short of considerably technical mountain bike terrain with relative ease.

Aventon Aventure 2 e-bike. Rear view.
The Aventon Aventure.2 comes loaded with an 80mm suspension fork, fenders, a rear rack, and integrated head and tail lights; (photo/Mark Wilson)

Aventon Aventure.2


  • Max load 400 lbs.
  • Range 60 miles
  • Max speed 28 mph
  • Motor 48V 750W brushless hub
  • Battery 48V 720Wh lithium-ion
  • Wheel size 26×4
  • Fork travel 80 mm
  • Drivetrain Shimano 8-speed
  • Charge time 4-6 hours
  • Weight 77 lbs.

It ships as a Class 2 e-bike with a top speed of about 20 mph. However, it can quickly convert to a Class 3 e-bike, which pushes its pedal-assist top speed to 28 mph. It has a throttle that can operate independently up to a speed of 20 mph and runs on a 750W brushless rear-hub motor with four levels of pedal assistance. It also has a handlebar-mounted backlit LCD display to monitor the battery level, speed, and pedal assist levels.

The only thing that doesn’t come stock on the bike that is immediately apparent is a bottle cage, but those don’t come with most other bikes either.

Aventon Aventure.2 Review

Assembly and First Impressions

I spent nearly two weeks riding the Aventon Aventure.2 and tackled more than 100 miles on the road, gravel, and single track. The bike arrived neatly boxed up from the manufacturer and included easy-to-follow instructions that helped me get the bike assembled and charging in well under an hour with only the tools included.

Aventon Aventure 2 e-bike pre-assembly.
The Aventure.2 comes mostly assembled when ordered from Aventon. Front-end components are the only things riders need to attach; (photo/Mark Wilson)

The bike’s display read fully charged within a couple of hours of plugging in.

The first thing I noticed about the Aventure.2 was its size. At 77 pounds, it doesn’t have the initial appearance of a snappy, nimble machine. Its fat tires add even more to its imposing profile. However, it wasn’t hard to move around, even while the bike was off. The bike’s weight rests low, so I didn’t really feel all its weight on my arms or upper body as I pushed it.

Aventon Aventure 2 e-bike in the box.
The Aventon Aventure.2 can be ready to hit the trails within a couple of hours after delivery; (photo/Mark Wilson)

Turning the bike and display screen on and connecting them to the Aventon app were equally quick and seamless processes. Using the app, riders can set maximum speed limits, adjust the brightness of the in-bike display, and tinker with pedal assistance to get a more customized interface with the bike’s electronics.

I waited until the next day to set out on a first ride, but there is no reason I couldn’t have been out for a spin within just a couple of hours after receiving the bike.

Aventon Aventure.2 Fit and Function

The Aventure.2 is a seriously comfortable bike. It comes with a plush, forgiving seat and a geometry that puts the rider in a stable upright position that feels relaxed and safe even at top speeds.

I had the step-through version of the bike , which made hopping on and off incredibly easy. I did not expect to be such a fan of the step-through feature but losing the top tube made mounting and dismounting considerably more comfortable.

The Aventon Aventure.2 comes with a Shimano 1×8 drivetrain and four modes of pedal assistance, including Eco, Tour, Sport, and Turbo. The further up the range you go, the more power I felt supporting pedal strokes. With its included torque sensor, the bike felt incredibly responsive to input. It was not a bike that will take off on a rider unexpectedly or give them an unwanted jolt.

Slower, softer pedaling resulted in slower speed, while rapid, heavy pedaling kicked the bike into high gear. This was further dialed by shifting the mechanical gears on the Shimano groupset. The bike responded to my efforts and matched motor output perfectly with my intention.

But pedals are not required to make the bike get going. Its throttle, which alone can bring the bike to a max speed of about 20 mph, can activate from a stationary position to help a rider get moving too.

Pedal Assistance and Controls

In Eco mode, it wasn’t easy to feel the motor’s power because it was so reserved, but it’s obviously still there. This mode was great for longer rides of more than 20 to 25 miles because it helped conserve battery.

In Tour and Sport modes, the power was obvious, although it still took a bit more work to bring the bike up to top speed.

In Turbo mode, it was no problem at all. Even with a reserved pedaling effort, I could easily bring the bike up to 28 mph. And it could go even faster if you have the legs to push beyond the battery assistance max speed. I clocked the Aventure.2 at more than 30 mph on a flat section of road in Turbo mode.

Aventon Aventure 2 e-bike close side profile.
The Aventon Aventure.2 comes with an eight-speed Shimano drivetrain and four levels of pedal assistance; (photo/Mark Wilson)

Toggling through these settings was done with a click of a thumb button on the handlebar or on the touch screen itself, though the buttons mounted on the handlebars offered a much safer and easier option.

Riders operate all of the electronic components with their left hand and all of the mechanical components with their right.

An up or down click on the pad changed the mode, while a left or right click activated turn signals. In dark conditions, holding the up button activated the integrated headlight. It was super simple.

Everything on the bike was placed well and felt right. It was easy to monitor speed and battery level while cycling through assistance modes.

Aventon Aventure.2 Ride Report

While the size and weight of the Aventure.2 gave me the initial impression of something more like a motorcycle than a bicycle, the feeling of the ride changed my opinion entirely. The motor was so quiet that it was easy to forget it was there. The fat tires that looked so beefy in my living room made blacktop, gravel, and smooth singletrack feel like butter.

The 80mm travel of the fork added another level of comfort and a fun poppy quality that I’m used to on mountain bikes. It was easy and fun to get moving at a good clip and pump around curves or berms. The bike felt like a tank barreling through roots and over rocks and maintained speed well.

The integrated lights with brake and turn signal abilities made riding in the dark much easier too. I didn’t have to worry about finding or charging lights since they are already connected and charged along with the bike.

Aventon Aventure 2 e-bike fenders on a gravel path.
The Aventon Aventure.2’s fat tires easily roll over roots and rocks, making it an ideal platform to explore; (photo/Mark Wilson)

On the road, the Aventure.2 felt like a relaxed cruiser. On single track, it felt more like a hardtail mountain bike. I think that is one of the main draws of the bike. It really could fit into a wide variety of roles and brought me confidence. I knew the bike had the power and range to handle just about any terrain.

That being said, I would not, and did not take the bike off of any drops or through serious rock gardens. While I could pop the front wheel off the ground, the back of the bike is too heavy, and the bike just really isn’t designed to do things like that. It hopped off of a curb with style, but I kept the Aventure on the tamer, manicured trails.

Aventon says the range of the Aventure.2 can hit up to 60 miles on a single charge. The longest ride I had on the bike was about 24 miles. I had it in Turbo mode the entire time and either pedaled hard or had the throttle engaged any time I took a break. The idea was to see how far I could go on a single charge with the highest level of demand. I traveled at more than 20 mph for pretty much the entire ride, which lasted about an hour and fifteen minutes, with a brief stop in the middle. The battery indicator hit zero about a quarter of a mile from home but never actually lost power.

Aventon Aventure 2 e-bike on a wooden bridge.
The Aventon Aventure.2’s torque sensor is extremely responsive and perfectly matches rider input; (photo/Mark Wilson)

I know that in Eco mode, I could have gone much further. I also rode the bike with no pedal assistance a good deal to see what it would be like if I was forced to limp home. Even without power, the bike still moves well, so running out of battery wouldn’t be the absolute end of the world. But with even the most minimal planning, this bike is good for a long haul.

Downsides of the Aventon Aventure.2

While the Aventon Aventure.2 will get you just about anywhere you want to go, it is a large, heavy bike. Loading it into a vehicle or getting it up stairs or into a crowded elevator would be a problem.

People who plan to commute into an office with stairs or live on the second or higher floor may want to consider something like the Aventon Sinch, the Aventure’s fat-tire, folding sibling, or the Level.2, which has the same range and torque sensor without the fat-tire setup. The Level.2 weighs in at 53 pounds, more than 20 less than the Aventure. The Aventure, however, will be much more comfortable over chunkier terrain or snow.

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Final Thoughts

The Aventon Aventure.2 is a great, fun bike for just about any rider. It really does hold up on the road, gravel, or easy trail. The 80mm suspension fork out front paired with 26 x 4-inch fat tires felt like a plush cloud over any manicured terrain and delivered a high degree of forgiveness and comfort over rougher surfaces.

Aventon Aventure 2 e-bike from 26-inch fat tire and fork.
The Aventure.2’s 26×4 fat tire and suspension fork feel fast and forgiving over all kinds of terrain; (photo/Mark Wilson)

The torque sensor was an invaluable feature that made the bike feel amazingly responsive and interactive, even playful. As a guy who rides pretty much every day, I often find myself dreading the ride to the store or considering taking the car for a quick errand when I know I should take the bike instead. The Aventon Aventure.2 changed all that.

First, it cut the amount of time it takes me to do five to 10-mile rides considerably. Second, it took the labor out of riding when I wanted it to, so all that remained was the fun stuff. And if I really wanted to get a workout, all I had to do was shut it off or drop down to Eco mode to work a little harder.

The rack and fenders that come included on the bike made it a great commuter and errand-runner. You can easily mount a basket or throw on some bungees to tie down bags or gear.

While the Aventure.2 is not a mountain bike, it absolutely is an adventure bike that will take riders further than they thought possible.

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